CodeSmart provides services in UI/Web development, technical documentation, and programming & design for small micro-controller projects.

We give priority to clients who value:

  • Individual innovation and advanced problem-solving skills
  • Individual self-sufficiency and ability to communicate across teams
  • Project life cycles that support testing and iteration for usability needs

Email for more information.

We look forward to serving your intelligent development and writing needs!

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We here at believe in reliability, accuracy, speed, stability and dependability. Not to mention good, clean, readable source code. Therefore, we do not use Visual Basic in any of our products, which includes the areas of: embedded solutions data recovery desktop utilities If you are looking for the 'CodeSMART' software product then you are at the wrong web site. 'CodeSMART' is made by axtools ( and has no affiliation with Balsa USA Stick 40 collection